Type: Short Film
Year: 2011
Director: Abigail Lim Aquino


  • Anna Sandiego
  • Bernard Vistacion
  • Tara Rose Donayre
  • Remus Marilinas
  • Marilina Talde
  • Director:Abigail Lim Aquino
  • Producer:Mikio Makino Jr.
  • Assistant Director:Ksusha Savina
  • DOP / Editor:Mikio Makino Jr.
  • Casting:Andrea Camacho
  • Sound Operator:Moohee Yoon
  • Gaffer:Niel Ramos
  • Scoring:Alfel Go



Mariel, a highschool and a participant in the Sinulog street dancing competition, aspires to be a professional dancer. For her, dancing is her life and her source of happiness. Her father, Michael, feels differently. Weighed down by work and being a single parent, he forbids Mariel from pursuing her dream, insisting that dancing in Sinulog is for the lower-class and that dancing will not give her a stable job in the future.

After much argument, Mariel was depressed by her father's firm decision. Her friend Alison saw this and suggested to her that her father might change his mind after seeing Mariel dance during Sinulog. At first, Michael resisted, but after some encouragement and advice from Mariel's Lola (Grandmother), Michael decided to watch Mariel dance. Seeing her dancing gracefully on the street with a joyous smile on her face softened Michael's heart and brought a smile to his own lips out of pride for his beautiful daughter.