Saranghae My Tutor

Type: Short Film
Year: 2011
Director: Victor Villanueva


  • Ozzie Ouano
  • Serena Dongim Kim
  • Jacob Choi
  • Publio Briones III
  • Eden Villarba
  • Directed By:
    Victor Villanueva
  • Screenplay By
    Diem Judilla
  • Cinematography
    Mikio Makino Jr.
  • Producers
    Bradley Tenchavez
    Victor Villanueva
  • Exec. Producers
    Remton Siega Zuasola
    Uchiha Madara

  • Asst. Director
    Andrea Camacho
  • Production Sound
    RJ Ybanez
  • Production Design
    Ivan Alcaraz

  • Editor
    Victor Villanueva
  • Colorist
    Mikio Makino Jr.
  • Sound Design
    Peter Cleopas
  • Music
    Peter Mancao



Benjamin Fructoso Pilapil is a hopeless romantic, but he is more HOPELESS than a romantic.
He works at an ESL (English as Second Language) academy as an english tutor to Korean students in Cebu.

His fate is about to change when he meets his new student, Mi-Ok, a beautiful Korean godsend to Ben's life.
Can the language of love be taught? Or will it be misunderstood?