The Last Harmony

Type: Short Film
Year: 2009
Director: Mikio Makino Jr.


  • Dae Hyuk Lee
  • Sayaka Suzuki
  • Hisanori Oshima
  • Kenta Endo
  • kevin Hindriks
  • Stephen Reyes
  • Jeff Bacon
  • Robert Peacock
  • Hunter Prescott
  • Written and Directed By
    Mikio Makino Jr.
  • Producers
    Adrian Alarilla
    Denisse Osorio

  • Cinematographer / Editor
    Mikio Makino Jr.
  • Light Design
    Kevin Hindriks
  • key Grip
    Asaasira Boaz
  • Sound Operator
    John Macachor
  • Production Designer
    JV Arganosa



Allan, the lead vocalist in a band, was talented and stubborn. He never recognized his other bandmates and kept rejecting the input from his friend Vincent. During one practice, Vincent had enough and decided to leave.

At the same time, Allan was experiencing severe cough. When he went to consult a doctor, he was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease with only a year to live. He was devastated by the news. Pretty soon, he found himself on the street lamenting his situation when he heard a familiar voice singing.

It turned out to be Hannah, his childhood friend who was also a musician. They had coffee together to catch up on things and this is when Hannah admitted to still having aspirations of becoming a famous musician. Allan then decided to spend the rest of the time left to try to make her dream come true.