Your Exposure for Events is Also Our Exposure.

Events need hype and exposure to generate a high attendance rate. This would entail costly advertising in terms of multimedia.

DreamLine Productions is the solution to that dilemma. We are open to providing promotional videos and event coverage via sponsorship deals.

Pre-Event Commercials and Event Coverage

Event is coming soon? would you like to have a commercial for the events?

DreamLine Productions will provide full productions for your videos such as Pre-Event commercial or event coverage. just simply help us promoting and you can have full production services.

Here are the events that we sponsored.

DreamLine Productions provided sponsorship to many events. take a look for the events that we joined before.

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From conceptualization to production, be it TV commercials, AVPs, music videos or feature length films. DreamLine Productions is fully equipped with only the latest in terms of technical capability and aesthetic knowledge. We can do more than just produce the video, we can communicate the core message of your video in the best possible way.

Video Productions

Aside from telling stories, we can also make the impossible, possible.

We do motion graphics, visual effects and 3DCG animation. You want a robot dancing in your backyard? Or a dragon who swoops down and starts to sing a song?
Dream it, we`ll achieve it.

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